Swedish Fintech Giant Froda Sets Its Sights on the UK Market, Unleashing Innovative Growth Financing Solutions

Swedish fintech giant sets its sights on international growth, revolutionizing business financing for merchants

Swedish fintech giant sets its sights on international growth, revolutionizing business financing for merchants

Froda, the rapidly growing Swedish fintech company, is making headlines once again as it announces its expansion into the UK market, marking a significant milestone in its impressive growth trajectory. With over 6.5 billion SEK already lent out since its inception, Froda has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of digital lending. Now operating in five markets, including the UK, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, Froda has solidified its position as a leader in the fintech industry.

The company’s expansion into the UK market is the result of a strategic partnership with Treyd, a Sweden-born financing fintech already established in the UK for a year. This collaboration aims to simplify and enhance growth financing for merchants involved in the import and sale of physical products. By integrating smart credit algorithms, data analytics, and advanced technology, Froda and Treyd can now provide merchants with financing solutions for inventory purchases, offering improved predictability, scalability, and flexibility.

Olle Lundin, CEO of Froda, emphasizes the importance of this solution, stating, “Expansion beyond the Nordics has always been a key objective for us. In the current global landscape, it is crucial for merchants to access flexible financing options. With this solution, we aim to make it easier for entrepreneurs to unlock essential growth capital.”

Traditionally, accessing business financing for SMEs has been a challenging process, involving lengthy approval processes, in-person meetings, and time-consuming administrative tasks. Froda was founded with the vision of changing this dynamic and creating a more equal and inclusive business environment, where all businesses can access capital for growth through a completely objective and digital assessment.

Since its establishment in 2015, Froda has been determined to expand internationally and assist entrepreneurs on a global scale. One of the steps taken towards this goal was the creation of a dedicated business unit focused on embedded finance in 2020. The collaboration with Treyd exemplifies this strategic direction. In addition to Treyd, Froda has formed partnerships with renowned organizations such as Lunar, Yabie, and Worldline. Earlier this year, Froda successfully launched a groundbreaking card-based embedded lending product in collaboration with Visa.

Stella Snickare, VP Froda Embedded, highlights the power of their Embedded Financing product, stating, “With our Embedded Financing product, we can empower growth-oriented companies to offer their customers flexible financing solutions seamlessly integrated via a simple API. Our partnership with Treyd enables us to scale up and extend our financing solution to a broader network of merchants. Having already introduced the product in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, we eagerly anticipate its reception in the UK.”

Treyd, a fintech company specializing in helping merchants grow by selling first and paying the supplier later, is a valuable partner for Froda. By providing easy and seamless financing for merchandise purchases, Treyd enables businesses to enjoy discounts, free up working capital for investment in growth, and utilize cheaper and greener logistics. With headquarters in Stockholm and offices in London and Cairo, Treyd brings its expertise and network to the collaboration.

Founded in 2015, Froda has become one of Sweden’s fastest-growing fintech companies, empowering over 50,000 businesses to thrive. As a credit institution covered by the state deposit guarantee and under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI), Froda prioritizes security and regulatory compliance while revolutionizing the business loan process.

With its expansion into the UK market and its innovative growth financing solutions, Froda is propelling the fintech industry forward, creating opportunities for

merchants to grow and succeed on a global scale. Through digitalization and strategic partnerships, Froda is revolutionizing the lending landscape, enabling entrepreneurs to invest in their ideas and drive economic growth in a smarter and more accessible way.

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