Bunker One Takes Bold Step in Green Transition with Methanol Bunkering: A Game-Changer for Scandinavian Waters

Bunker One launches its first methanol-ready bunker tanker

Industry-leading supplier sets sail towards a greener future, unlocking the potential of alternative fuels

In a groundbreaking move that is set to revolutionize the shipping industry, Bunker One, a global fuel and lube supplier, is making waves with its commitment to methanol bunkering in Scandinavian waters and the Northwest European region. With the recent long-term charter of bunker tanker MT NORE, Bunker One is taking a major leap forward in catering to the future of sustainable fueling.

With its strategic positioning in the strait between Denmark and Sweden, Bunker One is set to support the green transition by offering vital infrastructure for last-mile delivery of alternative fuels to ships. The signing of the long-term charter for MT NORE, the latest addition to Bunker One Sweden’s fleet, has solidified its ability to supply methanol as an alternative fuel to vessels passing through the region.

Peter Zachariassen, CEO of Bunker One, emphasizes the significance of this development, stating, “By investing in building the necessary infrastructure, we are sending a strong message to our customers that we are ready to supply them with carbon emissions reducing products. We are committed to supporting the shift towards greener ships, and our bunkering hubs in Gothenburg, Skaw, and the Scandinavian region will play a crucial role in this transformation.”

As the shipping industry strives to achieve the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) goal of a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the availability of carbon-reduced fuel is paramount. Bunker One’s investment in alternative bunkering infrastructure aligns perfectly with these goals and underscores their dedication to sustainable shipping practices.

Petter Jonason, Chief Operating Officer of Bunker One Sweden, highlights the company’s preparedness for this new venture, noting that while the product may be different, their operational expertise remains the same. “At the end of the day, bunkering is bunkering. We have been diligently working on securing certifications, chartering the tanker, and establishing the necessary landside infrastructure. Our experience in supplying the maritime industry translates seamlessly into supplying alternative products,” says Jonason.

The introduction of methanol bunkering in Scandinavia carries significant implications for the wider maritime industry. With shipping and logistics companies still in the planning phase of investing in ships with alternative engine fuel, the availability of methanol bunkering acts as a catalyst for their decision-making process.

Peter Zachariassen reiterates Bunker One’s commitment to driving change, stating, “Even though many of our customers may not be ready to bunker methanol today, we firmly believe that by building the infrastructure, we eliminate one more obstacle for them. Investing in new fleets with alternative fuel propulsion is a bold move for ship owners. However, we are confident that new ships and alternative fuels are essential for a sustainable future. Taking the lead in transitioning to carbon-reduced products is the only way to bring about real change.”

MT NORE, the multi-fuel bunkering tanker with a storage capacity of 3,500 tons, is equipped to accommodate various products across its tank pairs. This versatility ensures flexibility and efficiency in meeting the evolving needs of the shipping industry’s green transition.

With Bunker One at the helm of the methanol bunkering revolution, the shipping industry can embark on a transformative journey towards a sustainable and greener future. By embracing alternative fuels and investing in critical infrastructure, Bunker One is driving change, shaping the future of maritime transportation, and ensuring a cleaner, more environmentally conscious shipping industry for generations to come.

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