Derby Business Briight to Boost Local Economy with Government Grant

Rob Dawes in the Briight studio

Briight, a thriving visual marketing agency in Derby, plans to utilize a government grant to support the growth of organizations in the city and stimulate the local economy.

The agency has been awarded an Innovate UK grant, which aims to foster and unleash the potential of new ideas, including those originating from the UK’s renowned research base.

Directors Rob Dawes and Drew Taylour-Davis will leverage the nearly £30,000 grant to make a creative impact on the region.

Rob, who has co-founded the agency with Drew over eight years ago, highlighted the immense demand for digital and creative industries at present. He expressed the vision of transforming their studio at Jubilee Business Park into a creative hub, expanding its capacity and project scale. The plan includes creating a fully functional space that can be rented out to other businesses and creatives in need of a flexible filming environment.

Briight has collaborated with prominent local enterprises and executed campaigns for well-known brands such as the BBC, Microsoft, and HECK, the North Yorkshire-based sausage supplier to major supermarkets. The directors aim to share their expertise with aspiring creatives and creative entrepreneurs, offering work experience opportunities that may lead to permanent positions within the company.

Drew emphasized their ambition to establish a creative space at Briight that nurtures talent and produces outstanding work. They intend to encourage local individuals to be more ambitious, recognize the power of exceptional visual marketing, and apply it across various levels.

The directors believe that, following the COVID-19 pandemic, many young professionals in the creative industries seek a dedicated workspace. This observation aligns with recent statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which revealed an increase in hybrid working among 35-44 year-olds, the demographic most likely to adopt this approach. On the other hand, 65% of 16-24 year-olds expressed their inability to work from home due to reasons such as lack of home-office space and equipment.

Drew emphasized the continued importance of office spaces for creative businesses like Briight, essential for growth and development. They plan to enhance their workspace using the grant, creating an even more inspiring and enjoyable environment that facilitates organic team expansion.

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