Emma – The Sleep Company Launches Exclusive Sleep Vacations to Meet Growing Demand for Restful Getaways

Emma - The Sleep Company Launches Exclusive Sleep Vacations to Meet Growing Demand for Restful Getaways

Emma Sleep Vacations Offer Tranquil Escapes in Natural Settings, Backed by Scientific Research on Sleep Quality and Well-being

As the summer season kicks off and sleep tourism gains momentum worldwide, Emma — The Sleep Company, renowned as the largest direct-to-consumer sleep brand globally, is set to introduce its own range of secluded sleep vacations. Independent research conducted in partnership with Appinio revealed that 77% of respondents expressed a desire to embark on a sleep vacation, yet only 18% had experienced one in the past. The study also highlighted that an overwhelming 98% of individuals consider quality sleep to be a vital aspect of a vacation, with 79% of participants reporting better sleep in countryside environments compared to urban settings. Interestingly, the research found that 41% of people miss their beds the most when they travel.

What Exactly is a Sleep Vacation?

Sleep vacations represent the latest trend in tourism, prioritizing relaxation and rejuvenation as core elements of a getaway. These unique experiences allow vacationers to escape their daily routines and immerse themselves in serene, natural environments that promote relaxation and restoration. Emma’s Sleep Experts emphasize the numerous health benefits associated with sleep vacations, supported by scientific studies that demonstrate how exposure to natural settings improves sleep quality by regulating hormone levels. For instance, spending time in natural surroundings can reduce cortisol levels—the primary stress hormone—leading to improved sleep and overall well-being.

According to Theresa Schnorbach, Sleep Research Team Lead at Emma – The Sleep Company, “Sleep tourism enables individuals to step away from the stresses of everyday life and rediscover the fundamental importance of restful sleep. By prioritizing relaxation and fostering a connection with nature, people can experience enhanced cognitive function, emotional balance, and overall well-being during their sleep vacations.”

Introducing Emma Sleep Vacations

Emma proudly stands as the world’s first sleep brand to introduce a line of sleep vacations, with bookings set to open later this summer. Emma Sleep Vacations offer a diverse array of carefully selected locations dedicated to promoting rest and relaxation, complete with Emma’s award-winning sleep products. In celebration of this launch, Emma has unveiled a global competition, granting one fortunate participant the opportunity to win the inaugural Emma Sleep Vacation. Participants can enter the contest at https://www.emma-sleep.com/pages/sleep-vacations by correctly guessing the country featured in the provided photos. The winner will be announced on July 12th, 2023.


Emma – The Sleep Company, founded in Germany in 2013 by Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Mueller, stands as a pioneer in the direct-to-consumer sleep brand industry. With a presence in over 30 countries, the company achieved a remarkable turnover of EUR 873 million (USD 948 million) in 2022, reflecting an impressive growth rate of 35% from the previous year. Emma® products are sold through a comprehensive omnichannel approach, encompassing D2C/online platforms, marketplaces, and a network of over 3,500 physical retail stores. The company enjoys successful collaborations with more than 200 retailers. Employing a global workforce of over 1,000 individuals, Emma operates offices in Frankfurt (Germany), Manila (Philippines), Lisbon (Portugal), Mexico City (Mexico), and Shanghai (China).

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