Eutelsat and du Partner to Enhance Direct-to-Home Satellite Services in the MENA Region


Eutelsat Communications (ETL), a leading satellite communications company, has joined forces with du, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), to revolutionize Direct-to-Home satellite services across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This strategic partnership aims to bolster capacity at the coveted 7/8° West orbital position, enabling du’s media clients to seamlessly deliver high-definition content to viewers, offering an optimized user experience like never before.

The 7/8° West orbital position boasts an impressive reach, covering 90% of TV households in the MENA region and providing the largest exclusive coverage. With around 900 TV channels already broadcasting from this location, audiences are treated to an unparalleled lineup of content. By teaming up with Eutelsat, du can elevate its content delivery capabilities across MENA, offering enhanced capacity and an exceptional end-user experience to cater to customers broadcasting TV channels in both standard and high definition.

Karim Benkirane, Chief Commercial Officer at du, expressed the company’s commitment to meeting the growing demands of broadcasters and content providers. “Increasing our satellite capacity on the 7/8° W orbital position enables our customers to reach more end users across the region and deliver more HD and SD services,” Benkirane explained. “We strive to deliver reliable, high-quality content delivery regardless of the device, platform, or technology used. Working with Eutelsat allows us to boost our capacity, ensuring unparalleled reach, flexibility, and availability for our customers, ultimately simplifying the path to success for broadcasters and content owners.”

For Eutelsat, du’s satellite services play a vital role in the company’s mission to connect customers and end-users throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Mahmoud El Danaf, Eutelsat VP for MENA Sales Region, emphasized their dedication to delivering cutting-edge broadcast services through their extensive satellite and terrestrial infrastructure. “Our world-leading satellite and terrestrial infrastructure offers unparalleled reach, flexibility, and availability for our customers,” El Danaf said. “It enables us to cater to markets where the demand for high-definition services is rapidly expanding.”

The partnership between Eutelsat and du showcases the collective effort to leverage their expertise and resources to reshape the Direct-to-Home satellite landscape in the MENA region. As both companies continue to enhance their service offerings, audiences can anticipate an enriched viewing experience with a broader range of high-definition content and seamless delivery across the region.

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