UK Recession Highlights Need for Green Investment, Says Climate Charity CEO

In response to today’s news that the UK fell into recession during the final three months of last year, Dr Ashok Sinha, CEO of climate solutions charity Ashden, said:

“The UK economy will continue to chronically underperform until we deliver the longer overdue investment needed for a green industrial revolution. In particular that means investing in small and medium enterprises that are a key driving force of local economic renewal.

“Unlocking the supply of skilled labour by investing in skills training is key to this in order to provide the workers SMEs need to deliver a mass energy efficiency and heat pump programme. This will lower energy costs to consumers and businesses alike.

“If ministers need inspiration they need look no further than Ashden Awards winners like B4Box in Manchester which trains young people and others wanting to enter the green building sector, and forward-thinking organisations like Housing Association’s Charitable Trust (HACT), which uses carbon credits to fund heat pump installations in social housing. Government must focus on releasing the power of innovative organisations and SMEs such as these to boost local economies and so help avoid future recessions as well as avert the climate emergency.”

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