Urban Creation Thrilled to Continue Journey with Handelsbanken in New Five-Year Deal

Urban Creation Thrilled to Continue Journey with Handelsbanken in New Five-Year Deal

Urban Creation are thrilled to share the news they, trusted property investor and provider of student apartments and short-term accommodation, are extending their partnership with Handelsbanken for another five years. This marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, coming hot on the heels of a recent rebranding and serves as a testament to the strength of their relationship with Handelsbanken.

After a highly successful initial five-year collaboration, Urban Creation are pleased to continue and deepen their ties with Handelsbanken. The bank is a crucial financial partner, aiding Urban Creation in successfully refinancing their property portfolio and this renewal reaffirms Handelsbanken’s role as an essential contributor to their growth and success. Urban Creation are enthusiastic about continuing their journey with Handelsbanken, a bank that shares their values and has consistently supported their aspirations.

Jonathan Brecknell, Founder of Urban Creation, expresses the company’s collective excitement, stating, “This marks a new chapter for our brand, and we are thrilled to enter it with the continued support of Handelsbanken. The renewal of this partnership is not just a significant financial milestone, but a reflection of the trust and confidence Handelsbanken places in Urban Creation’s vision.”

Andrew Lucas at Handelsbanken highlights the rapport by stating, “Urban Creation is an amazing business, and we thank them for their support and loyalty over the past five years. It has been an interesting and challenging period to say the least and we look forward to another chapter together and further building this relationship.”

Both parties look forward to continued growth, innovation, and success over the next 5 years.

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