Vitality’s Pilot Program Demonstrates Promising Results in Enhancing Mental Health Through Conversational AI Care

Wysa - AI mental health app

In a groundbreaking initiative, leading health insurer Vitality has revealed the successful outcome of a pilot program aimed at improving the mental health of its members through conversational AI care using the Wysa app. The results of this endeavor have demonstrated a remarkable reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression among the participants, signifying a significant breakthrough in mental health support. As a result, Vitality plans to expand access to and utilization of this innovative approach to a broader population of its members, targeting both prevention and early intervention in mental health concerns.

To commence this transformative project, Vitality initially identified a group of 60,000 UK VitalityHealth members who were deemed likely to require mental health support. These individuals were offered a one-year access to Wysa Premium, a dedicated resource designed to enhance their mental well-being. Prior to their engagement with Wysa, each participant’s anxiety and depression levels were assessed through widely recognized clinical questionnaires—the GAD-7 for general anxiety disorder and PHQ-9 for depression.



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