Warwickshire Property and Development Group Supports Major Biodiversity Project in Regional Industrial Scheme

Warwickshire Property and Development Group (WPDG), a regional property company, has pledged its commitment to a significant regional biodiversity project as part of its development of a new 42,000 sq ft industrial scheme. In collaboration with the Alscot Estate, spanning 4,000 acres located three miles south of Stratford-upon-Avon, WPDG has acquired Biodiversity Net Gain Credits to support conservation efforts.

Established last year by Warwickshire County Council to unlock the potential of its development sites, WPDG is currently underway with its first commercial development, a multi-let industrial scheme situated in the Holywell Business Park within the Kineton Road Industrial Estate in Southam. The construction is being carried out by the Warwick-based contractor MCS Group.

The purchase of Biodiversity Net Gain Credits by WPDG ensures the advancement of the commercial development scheme while extending support to the Alscot Estate’s biodiversity initiatives. The project at Alscot Estate aims to enhance natural grasslands and woodlands, create wildlife corridors, and promote the thriving of rare species, thereby safeguarding the estate’s plant and animal biodiversity.

Noteworthy for being among the first of its kind in the UK, the Alscot Biodiversity Project has designated 47.86 acres of land for its initial phase, set to span a minimum of 30 years. Launched in April 2020, the initiative collaborates with property developers to provide biodiversity offsetting units, mitigating the ecological impact resulting from developments in Warwickshire.

Emma Holman-West, CEO at Alscot Estate, expressed delight in partnering with Warwickshire Property and Development Group, emphasizing the alignment of goals between economic growth in Warwickshire and combating climate change for a positive outcome. Holman-West stated, “It is essential that there is synergy between Alscot and the developers that we work with to achieve a sustainable future. I am pleased that the ecological processes that we are following in the Warwickshire countryside are enabling the economy, also within Warwickshire, to thrive.”

Jon Thompson, Land Consultant, facilitated the sale on behalf of Alscot Estate to WPDG, expressing satisfaction in finalizing the transaction. Thompson acknowledged the historical significance of Alscot Estate and highlighted the instrumental support from companies like WPDG, which drives progress in the extensive biodiversity project.

Stuart Buckley, Managing Director of WPDG, emphasized the company’s commitment to making a positive impact in Warwickshire and advancing the sustainability agenda. He highlighted the significance of supporting the Alscot Estate’s biodiversity project through their latest commercial development in Southam, allowing developers to engage in vital activities that bring economic benefits to the county while positively impacting the broader biodiversity landscape in Warwickshire.

This initiative exemplifies the value of local businesses in Warwickshire, with both the scheme’s contractor and offsetting efforts being carried out by two regional enterprises.

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