Esh Construction Launches Innovative Campaign to Destigmatize Mental Health in the North of England

Esh Construction, a prominent contractor in the North of England, has initiated a groundbreaking campaign aimed at combatting the stigma surrounding mental health. The company plans to distribute more than 450 eye-catching transparent hard hats across its construction sites, partnering with The Lighthouse Construction Industry charity to provide support and resources for mental and financial wellbeing to construction workers and their families. The distinctive hard hats feature a QR code that directs individuals to the charity’s website for assistance.

The rollout of these remarkable hard hats will take place among Esh’s team in the North East, spanning sites in Northumberland, County Durham, Tees Valley, and various locations in Yorkshire, including Halifax, Doncaster, Rotherham, and Sheffield. The initial batch of hard hats is transparent green, adorned with the phrase “it’s what’s inside the hard hat that matters,” designed to draw attention and encourage conversations about mental health.

In collaboration with Northumbrian Water, Esh Construction also plans to introduce a bespoke blue version of the protective workwear at its Esh-Stantec sites. Esh-Stantec is a joint venture established in 2015 by Esh Construction and Stantec, tasked with executing capital schemes through Northumbrian Water’s Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Framework.

Alan Croft, construction manager at Esh Construction, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with The Lighthouse Construction Industry charity, stating, “We are delighted to work with such an influential charity to help raise awareness and bring much-needed attention to the topic of mental health within the construction industry. By introducing schemes that address mental health concerns, we can create a healthier and more supportive work environment for our team.”

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity has coordinated an industry-wide campaign called “Make It Visible,” aiming to make welfare and wellbeing support readily available on every construction site. This initiative seeks to foster long-term cultural change within the industry, promoting equality, diversity, inclusion, fairness, and respect, ultimately positioning construction as an appealing career choice for future generations.

Bill Hill, chief executive officer at The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, affirmed the organization’s commitment to supporting the construction workforce, remarking, “We are dedicated to supporting our construction workforce in the UK and Ireland. We are constantly looking at ways to improve their welfare and wellbeing for this generation and the next. The portal is the first of many initiatives we are working on with construction companies to make it easier for everyone in our industry to access support services. We are delighted that Esh has embraced this initiative in such an innovative and imaginative way.”

This campaign represents Esh Group’s broader efforts to enhance access to mental health services. The company has employed over 30 Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) across its divisions, trained by MHFA England to provide guidance and support to individuals facing difficulties. Moreover, Esh employees can avail themselves of professional counseling services, provided by independent trained counselors, as part of the company’s comprehensive health and wellbeing program.

With its pioneering approach to destigmatizing mental health, Esh Construction is setting a new standard in the industry, fostering a more supportive and inclusive work environment while spearheading a vital conversation about the importance of mental wellbeing.

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