Jeep Brand Unveils Future-Generation Off-Road Tech: Autonomous Adventure Awaits!

The Jeep® brand tests in Moab, Utah, the latest prototypes of autonomous off-road driving technology, installed in two electrified Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe models.

Buckle up and get ready for a thrilling glimpse into the future of off-road driving technology as the Jeep® brand takes center stage on National Autonomous Vehicle Day in the USA. Coinciding with this momentous occasion, Jeep is granting us an exclusive peek at its cutting-edge, advanced off-road driving technology that’s set to revolutionize the industry.

High up in the rugged terrains of Moab, Utah, the Jeep® brand is pushing boundaries with the latest prototypes of autonomous off-road driving technology. Led by the brilliant Neda Cvijetic, head of AI & autonomous driving at Stellantis, a team of experts put two electrified Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe models to the ultimate test.

These state-of-the-art AI and autonomous off-road driving systems, meticulously crafted exclusively for Jeep, promise to elevate the experiences of both seasoned off-roaders and trail rookies alike. Picture conquering challenging terrains with ease and maneuvering through everyday manoeuvringtacles effortlessly. Jeep is undeniably spearheading the development of automated off-road driving technology, a testament to its unwavering commitment to off-road electrification as demonstrated by its expanding range of 4xe SUVs.

“In the same way that our 4xe electrification takes Jeep brand’s off-road capability to new heights, these advanced off-road driving systems will help more customers in more countries around the world join and enjoy the adventure. These features and technology will have real-life applications on and off the trail in a wide range of driving conditions,” shared Christian Meunier, Jeep brand CEO.

Excitingly, the Jeep brand will be unveiling a captivating full-length video that showcases the future generation of its advanced autonomous off-road driving technology later this summer. Prepare to be blown away!

Jeep Brand: Where Capability and Craftsmanship Converge

With a legendary heritage spanning over 80 years, Jeep remains the epitome of authenticity in the SUV world. It beckons adventurers to embrace extraordinary journeys, offering a diverse portfolio of vehicles built on the pillars of capability, craftsmanship, and versatility. Jeep owners enjoy a sense of safety and security that empowers them to tackle any expedition with unyielding confidence.

The remarkable Jeep vehicle lineup includes the Cherokee, Compass, Gladiator, Grand Cherokee, the all-new three-row Grand Cherokee L, Grand Cherokee 4xe, Renegade, Wrangler, and Wrangler 4xe. But the Jeep experience goes beyond exceptional vehicles. Jeep Wave, a premium owner loyalty and customer care program available across the entire Jeep 4×4 range, ensures that Jeep owners receive unmatched benefits and exclusive perks, accompanied by dedicated 24/7 support.

Embracing the electrified revolution, the legendary Jeep brand is spearheading a global electrification initiative that will transform the 4xe lineup into formidable 4×4 vehicles, epitomizing the brand’s vision of Zero Emission Freedom. Brace yourselves, for by 2025, every Jeep brand vehicle will offer an electrified variant.

So, buckle up and prepare for a new era of off-road excitement with Jeep as it forges ahead, paving the way for autonomous adventure like never before.


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