Office Principles Transforms Galago House into Eco-Friendly Workplace Oasis

The newly refurbished Galago House in Surrey, the new headquarters of recruitment specialist, Galago Group.

In a testament to the growing emphasis on environmentally conscious workspaces, Galago Group, a leading recruitment specialist, has unveiled its new sustainable headquarters in Croydon, a borough in South London. The 36,700-square-foot self-contained building, aptly named Galago House, stands on Brighton Road in Coulsdon, a vibrant area known for its thriving business community.

The ambitious 20-week project, spearheaded by Office Principles, a renowned office interior design consultancy, has successfully transformed the building into a hospitality-led space that fosters collaboration and connection among its occupants. The refurbishment, which achieved the coveted SKA Gold accreditation, is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to strong environmental credentials.

At the heart of Galago House lies a spacious central reception and lounge area, serving as a welcoming hub for visitors and employees alike. The building boasts two levels of revamped office space, complemented by a centrally placed break-out facility on the first floor, encouraging informal interactions and creative exchanges.

One of the standout features of the refurbishment is the incorporation of energy-efficient systems, which have significantly improved the building’s energy performance to an impressive EPC B rating. Office Principles has taken a holistic approach to sustainability, repurposing existing furniture, utilizing BREEAM certified finishes, and installing LED lighting throughout the premises.

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