Playgrounds for All: Playdale Aims to Make Recess More Accessible

Inclusive Orbit

Playdale Playgrounds, designer and manufacturer of accessible educational play equipment such as the Inclusive Orbit roundabout, has created a free printable poster for schools and public play initiatives to teach and reinforce inclusive play habits among all children.

Playgrounds are vitally important for childhood development, and are a key environment for cognitive, social, physical and sensory experiences. Whether as a space to socialise with other children, release pent-up energy or simply to learn about the world around them, the importance of outdoor play cannot be understated.

Evidence suggests that playgrounds are more important than ever for children living with disabilities. According to data from Scope, 96% of parents with disabled children have used playgrounds in the last year, with just under 70% of those using playgrounds once a week. Despite this, children with disabilities are twice as likely to feel lonely compared to their non-disabled classmates.

With that in mind, the poster highlights some easily digestible playground tips for children at the KS1 and KS2 level to ensure children with disabilities feel included and can enjoy the same access to – and benefits of – play as their classmates.

As well as providing information on basic British Sign Language (BSL) terms such as “play,” “friend,” and “sorry,” the printable resource provides a number of tips for children to make sure their all of their classmates can play safely, such as choosing accessible play areas, taking turns choosing games and more.

Perfect for schools, community centres and public play areas alike, this resource promises to teach today’s children valuable lessons for the future.

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