Sci-Tech Daresbury’s Breathe Technologies leads The Perfume Shop into Warehouse Automation

The new system at The Perfume Shop's warehouse in Dunstable

In the past few weeks, The Perfume Shop, the UK’s largest fragrance retailer, has been testing and has officially launched its new cutting-edge warehouse automation system at its warehouse in Dunstable processing hundreds of customer orders with high success.

The new system, provided by Breathe Technologies – based at the Sci-Tech Daresbury campus in the Liverpool City Region – will lead to improved efficiencies with three times quicker processing of customer orders and a reduction in packaging of 40%.

Breathe Technologies was selected by The Perfume Shop to design and deliver an integrated solution, comprising both conveyor and machinery together with Breathe’s Orquestr8 Software execution and control system. Orquestr8 is Breathe’s proprietary AI driven software platform that simplifies and harmonises the integration of physical automation and digital systems in the warehouse.

The £2.5M investment by The Perfume Shop into Breathe Technologies’ industry-leading automated packaging system will:

●       Further accelerate The Perfume Shop’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its outbound supply chain.

●       Future-proof distribution capabilities and operations to enable The Perfume Shop to continue to provide great service and always meet their delivery promise both to stores and customers.

●       Reduce trailer fill and reduce packaging by 40%

Breathe Technologies’ advanced warehouse automation system will allow the packing machines to fold boxes to the size of the content included, reducing the overall cardboard and parcel size. Not only this, but the cardboard used is made in the UK and is 90% recyclable. Overall, with these new innovations in place, it will mean a reduction in reduced carbon emissions for The Perfume Shop, as less delivery trucks will be required on the road.

With a growth in online traffic and an expectation that their e-store will deliver around 28% of their sales this year with growth vs. last year, The Perfume Shop’s investment in Breathe Technologies’ warehouse automation solution will allow them to fulfil ambitious sales targets.

David Carroll, CEO of Breathe Technologies, said, “We are delighted to have supported The Perfume Shop as they invest in the latest smart warehouse technology.

“The real impact of the system is derived from Orquestr8, with its ability to provide visibility and control across the packing function. Not only does it support their rapid online growth and high customer service standards now and in the future but also their commitment to a sustainable operation playing its part in reducing carbon emissions.”

Gill Smith, Managing Director from The Perfume Shop, said, “This scale of investment demonstrates The Perfume Shop’s commitment to our customers, our communities, and our colleagues.

“While we remain committed to delivering a brilliant customer shopping experience, we’re also seeing our e-commerce business move from strength-to-strength. Investment into warehouse automation will ensure we’re keeping up with the increasing demands of our online business.”

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