Tracy Hawkins of Grammarly Reveals Insights on Fostering Adaptive Work Environment in Latest Episode of Rewilding Work Podcast

In a recent episode of the popular podcast Rewilding Work, Tracy Hawkins, Vice President of Global Workplace Experience and Connection at Grammarly, shared valuable insights into fostering an adaptive work environment at the tech start-up. The episode, hosted by Digital Workplace Group (DWG) founder and Chief Creative Officer Paul Miller, focused on the importance of employee connections, particularly in the post-COVID era where remote and hybrid work arrangements have become the norm.

Tracy emphasized the significance of employees’ connections with one another, highlighting that it plays a crucial role in the overall workplace experience. In the podcast, she discussed Grammarly’s unique approach to fostering these connections through a “remote-first hybrid” model. Under this approach, employees gather for a few weeks every quarter to engage in meaningful alignment days. These gatherings serve to strengthen the connections among employees and maintain them during extended periods of remote work.

Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, Tracy emphasized the importance of organizations tailoring their work arrangements to suit their specific needs. She stressed the value of having scheduled days where employees consistently collaborate with the same colleagues, promoting continuity and building strong relationships. Tracy pointed out that many hybrid setups currently involve employees going into the office and interacting with different people each week, sometimes for tasks that could have been accomplished remotely. By establishing more structured and consistent interactions, organizations can enhance employee relationships and boost morale.

Tracy’s insights come at a critical time as organizations and employees navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by hybrid work environments in the post-pandemic era. A recent study conducted by Glassdoor revealed that 40% of remote workers struggled to connect with colleagues in the virtual setup, while 31% faced difficulties in building relationships with their line managers or senior colleagues. These findings underscore the importance of prioritizing the employee experience in the workplace.

The conversation between Tracy Hawkins and Paul Miller sheds light on effective strategies for fostering employee connections and maintaining a positive work environment. As organizations strive to optimize their hybrid work arrangements, Tracy’s insights serve as a valuable resource for enhancing employee engagement, collaboration, and overall satisfaction.

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