UK Venture Launches Innovative Virtual Reality-Based Training for Passive Fire Protection and Health and Safety

VR training at trainingEXP, a new venture focusing on passive fire protection and health and safety in the construction and property sector

A pioneering venture has been launched in the north-west of the UK, focusing on passive fire protection and health and safety training in the property and construction sector. trainingEXP, a sister company to RECOM Solutions, a construction and project management business based in Salford Quays, aims to revolutionize training by incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology.

Jason McKnight and Joseph Dillon, the founders of RECOM Solutions, have invested a significant six-figure sum in trainingEXP. They have also appointed Adam Steed, an experienced fire protection professional from Warringtonfire, as the head of the training team.

The newly established venture provides comprehensive passive fire protection training for various sectors including residential, health and social care, commercial, leisure, education, heritage, and industrial. The training is also tailored for fire and rescue services, architects, tradespeople, and operatives.

A distinctive feature of the courses offered by trainingEXP is the utilization of VR technology. The VR training immerses participants in realistic environments to increase their awareness of common fire protection hazards in buildings. The interactive software developed by trainingEXP enables users to conduct passive fire surveys and identify fire protection hazards by virtually exploring buildings such as hospitals. Unlike other available software, the trainingEXP VR experience allows delegates to actively interact with the simulations created.

Jason McKnight emphasizes the company’s commitment to enhancing fire safety awareness, knowledge, and skills across the built environment. The recent legislation has made quality hands-on training even more crucial, and trainingEXP aims to meet this growing demand. Initially developed as a training academy for RECOM’s own passive fire protection operatives, the expansion into a full-scale venture was driven by client demand.

In addition to passive fire protection training, trainingEXP offers a range of online health and safety courses focused on construction environments. These courses cover various areas such as asbestos, design, regulations, first aid, and manual handling. All the courses provided by trainingEXP are recognized or accredited by industry bodies such as the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and the Association for Specialist Fire Protection.

Adam Steed, the head of trainingEXP, emphasizes the importance of creating a comprehensive understanding that passive fire protection is a critical life safety feature. The training aims to enhance compliance within the industry by providing industry professionals with specialist knowledge.

RECOM Solutions’ passive fire protection division is the fastest-growing arm of the group. With numerous contract wins, it has expanded its operations nationwide and doubled its team of directly-employed installers to over 40 in the past year. RECOM is an approved contractor under Warringtonfire’s Fire Certification Scheme (FIRAS) for its fire protection services.

Founded in 2015, RECOM Solutions specializes in construction project management and main contracting across various sectors. The company also offers consultancy services related to health and safety, sustainability, and cladding projects. The launch of trainingEXP aligns with RECOM’s expertise and aims to provide a compelling service to the sector.

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