Footfall Data Suggests Declining Interest in Royal Family During King’s Coronation

New data collected by VivaCity’s AI-powered sensors during the King’s Coronation has shed light on pedestrian activity and potentially indicated a decline in interest in the Royal Family. This comes as recent YouGov research reveals that only 32% of 18-24 year olds are in favor of the monarchy.

VivaCity’s sensors anonymously collected data on traffic and pedestrian counts in key central London areas, specifically Westminster and Constitution Hill. The data showed that pedestrian footfall reached its peak during the procession from Westminster Abbey to the palace.

Compared to a typical Saturday, the Coronation event saw higher footfall, with distinct peaks observed throughout the day. The data indicated a spike in pedestrian traffic between 6-8am, coinciding with the opening of viewing areas, as people arrived early to secure good spots. During the crowning itself, movement decreased, suggesting that spectators were likely waiting in place to witness the procession later on, despite the rainfall. Pedestrian activity picked up again at 2pm, reaching its highest level as crowds made their way to Buckingham Palace to catch a glimpse of the Royals on the balcony and the flypast.

VivaCity’s data also revealed that footfall in the areas surrounding Buckingham Palace was twice as high during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee event, when the Royal Family appeared on the balcony, compared to the King’s Coronation ceremony on Saturday. Overall, footfall during the Coronation was 42% lower than during the Jubilee. In comparison to average data from January to May of the same year, car usage during the Coronation was down by 85% on a typical Saturday, while pedestrian activity near the procession route recorded a 77% increase.

Mark Nicholson, CEO at VivaCity, highlighted the role of their technology in anonymously gathering and analyzing footfall, cyclist, and traffic data, assisting authorities in effectively managing events. VivaCity’s technology is deployed globally, collaborating with various councils to promote active travel and enhance the sustainability of towns and cities.

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