Love, Bonito Celebrates Grand Opening of First U.S. Pop-Up Store in New York City’s SoHo District

Love, Bonito Launches First U.S. Pop-Up Store in New York City

Love, Bonito, a major omnichannel womenswear brand that has been making waves in Asia, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated grand opening of its first U.S. pop-up store. Situated in the vibrant neighborhood of SoHo in New York City, the opening of the pop-up store marks a significant milestone in Love, Bonito’s global expansion beyond the Asian market.

With doors flung wide open to welcome its U.S. fans, Love, Bonito’s entry into the American market represents a major stride in the brand’s mission to reach women worldwide.

“I founded Love, Bonito because I personally experienced the struggle of finding clothes that truly complemented my body type,” shared Rachel Lim, Co-Founder of Love, Bonito. Reflecting on her journey, Lim continued, “When I explored popular brands over a decade ago, I encountered ill-fitting proportions and the absence of functional pockets. It was disheartening to feel misrepresented by the styles and outfits marketed to me. That’s when I made the decision to change the narrative and create a brand that truly represented me and my community. With our official launch in the U.S., we hope to connect with diverse, Asian American women who celebrate their unique journeys and feel empowered by what they wear.”

At its core, Love, Bonito aims to empower women with its inspiring message of “Come Into Your Own.” This mantra embraces and honors each woman’s personal journey of self-discovery and the importance of finding a supportive community.

Love, Bonito’s inaugural U.S. pop-up store in SoHo will showcase the brand’s remarkable collection of womenswear, offering a wide range of stylish and inclusive options that resonate with women of all backgrounds. With a strong emphasis on quality, fit, and functionality, Love, Bonito’s designs are tailored to meet the needs and preferences of modern women.

The pop-up store experience will provide customers with an opportunity to engage with Love, Bonito’s brand ethos and explore the rich diversity of its offerings. Shoppers can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere as they embark on a journey of self-expression and personal style.

Love, Bonito’s foray into the U.S. market represents an exciting chapter in the brand’s growth trajectory. By establishing a physical presence in New York City, Love, Bonito aims to connect with the vibrant and fashion-forward community that the city embodies. The pop-up store launch sets the stage for Love, Bonito to further expand its global footprint and forge deeper connections with women around the world.

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