ivie Introduces Smart EV Charger and App for Convenient and Eco-friendly Charging

Chameleon Technology's new ivie EV Charger and Charge app deliver smart home charging features.

ivie, a smart energy brand based in North Yorkshire, has launched an innovative home EV charger and a complimentary smart charging app. This powerful combination offers electric vehicle (EV) drivers the ability to charge their cars at the most cost-effective or environmentally friendly times. The ivie EV Charger and ivie Charge app provide flexible charging options, enabling users to save on home energy bills, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to the expansion of public charging infrastructure.

The ivie EV Charger and app offer several smart home charging features, including the option to set a personalized charging schedule. Additionally, the app will soon include public charging functionality, connecting users to over 9,000 public charge points across the country.

As part of Chameleon Technology’s family of brands, ivie aligns with the company’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of inefficient energy use and supporting the UK’s goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050. Chameleon Technology collaborates closely with the UK government to enhance EV accessibility through funding grants and other initiatives. The company looks forward to hosting the upcoming Fully Charged LIVE! trade show in Harrogate, scheduled for May 19th to 21st, 2023, to promote accessible EV technology and charging capabilities outside major cities.

While big cities have witnessed significant progress in EV charging infrastructure, rural areas still face limitations. In response, the North Yorkshire Council plans to address the issue by exploring a new EV strategy, which may involve installing 70 new charging points across the county. The initiative has already secured £2.2 million in funding, with a projected need for 724 chargers by 2025 and 3,161 by 2030.

Mike Woodhall, CEO of Chameleon Technology, emphasized the importance of EV technology adoption in reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainable motoring. To address existing infrastructure challenges and reliability concerns, ivie aims to encourage faster adoption by offering a “truly smart” app alongside their EV charger.

One standout feature of the ivie Charge app is the ability to identify and charge an EV during periods of peak renewable energy generation, reducing reliance on the grid. Users on single-rate tariffs can take advantage of this feature, while those on dual-rate tariffs can further maximize savings by utilizing the cheaper off-peak period.

The ivie EV Charger, with a power rating of 7kW, enables users to set a personalized charging schedule and control the charging process remotely through the ivie Charge app. The app also includes a Boost function for instant charging when plans change.

For on-the-go charging, the ivie Charge app provides real-time updates on the status of public charge points, allowing users to avoid wasted trips to faulty or occupied chargers. The app offers seamless charging and payment at over 9,000 charging points across the UK, simplifying the user experience and eliminating the need for multiple apps and prepayment.

Convenience and integration with busy lifestyles are key features of the ivie EV Charger and ivie Charge app. With a five-year warranty and comprehensive customer support, the EV charger is available for £1099, including full installation*. The ivie Charge app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play, with public charging features to be rolled out to the general public in the coming months.

*Standard Installation. Non-standard Installation may incur additional costs.

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